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With all the beauty and strength of wood, a maintenance-free aluminum and steel patio cover or carport from Metro Siding & Awning Co. will never warp, blister, peel, or crack. They also come with full perimeter gutter systems and in a wide variety of colors and styles.

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A carport from Metro Siding & Awning Co. provides year round protection from rain, snow, heat, and hail at a low price that will fit your budget.

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No more rained out parties or summer events ruined by the sun's blistering heat. With long-lasting beauty and strength, a patio cover from Metro Siding & Awning Co. lets you enjoy more time on your patio or deck.

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The highest in quality and appearance, a patio cover or carport from Metro Siding & Awning Co. is maintenance free at a much lower price than conventional wooden carports. Optional skylights to allow light to filter through are also available. Contact us today.

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